viernes, 7 de agosto de 2009


There's a forest in the middle
of the vacuum of the city.
With threes that smelt like wine.
I like how it seem that they call me
to forget about made me cry.

I sat at a bank at three
Couldn't walk or see too much.
Anyway, had nowhere to go.
When sein' that people passing
Only want drink some beer.

Woke up at nine or around
and a girl sat in front of mine.
She might think I was drunk,
but baby is not my liver what
you should take care of.

Couldn't found my house and
moon laught seing me in street.
What i'm doing here?
When sein' that people passing
Want to disappear in breeze.

Esta tiene harmónica y me gusta.
Ayer vi la luna rojísima rozando el mar.